5 Non-Surgical Treatment Methods For Sports Medicine

In the world of sports, injuries are inevitable. While some instances are bad enough to require surgery, this is not always true. Even as orthopedic surgeons, we always consider non-surgical treatment methods before moving toward an invasive procedure.  Sometimes, people

5 Of The Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries

Did you experience a slip or fall that has left you with a painful injury? Unintentional injuries account for 24.2 million emergency department visits each year. These include injuries ranging from strains, sprains, and dislocations to concussions and fractures, most

Comparing Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercise

What is your favorite way to move your body? Maybe you love going on a run or spending the evening in a hot yoga studio. One of the best parts about exercise is how much variety there is. With this

8 Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

Looking for new ways to get outside this year? Running can feel hard on the body, but for many, the physical and mental health benefits far outweigh the potential risks. From shin splints and stress fractures to hamstring issues and

3 Ways To Make Your WFH Space Orthopedic Health Approved

Many of us find ourselves with the opportunity to be in our WFH space more than ever before. Since the presence of the pandemic, companies have given people the freedom to choose or not decide to reopen their offices. This

5 New Years’ Resolutions For Your Orthopedic Health

The end of the year is always the time to decide how you will spend the new one. This year, we advise that a few of your resolutions center on orthopedic health. Whether you have struggled with your orthopedic health

The Basics of Hip Flexor Strains/Tears

Have you been feeling a pain in your hip that just simply will not go away? When the hip flexor is strained, that means these muscles are either stretched or torn (strains/tears). The result is a pain in many activities

3 Of The Most Common Orthopedic Conditions In Women

Are you constantly feeling aches and pains in your body, even when the activity is not considered strenuous? Most people face orthopedic issues during their life. However, there are common orthopedic conditions in women that seem to occur more often

6 Best Everyday Practices For Orthopedic Health

Wellness is something that should be a part of anyone’s everyday life. Oftentimes, people do not consider their orthopedic health in this category. However, simple everyday practices can elevate your orthopedic health while contributing positively to other areas of the

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Vs. Arthritis: What Is The Difference?

Many orthopedic conditions commonly get mixed up. When you have pain in your hands, the prospect could be confused by carpal tunnel syndrome vs. arthritis. The two conditions can cause pain but also have many different characteristics. The differences are

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