Summer Activities for Lower Back Pain

Now that it’s finally summer, the weather is beautiful and school is out, you’re likely excited to get up and moving. If you are living with lower back pain, be careful as jumping into strenuous activities may shock your body and worsen you condition.

Here at Paris Orthopedics, we encourage you to enjoy the following activities so that you can make the most out of the summer days while protecting your back.


Research has proven that yoga is an effective treatment for lower back pain. There are a variety of poses that can ease your pain while increasing your strength and flexibility. We recommend taking a yoga class at a beach or park and trying the supine twist, sphinx, thread the needle, cat and cow, and downward facing dog poses.


One of the ideal ways to beat the summer heat and reduce lower back pain is swimming. This low-impact workout can relieve the pressure on your spine and joints while strengthening your back. When swimming, choose strokes that exercise your abdominal and hip muscles as a strong core is essential to maintaining proper posture and a healthy spine.

Water Aerobics

If you don’t consider yourself a strong swimmer, prefer a group activity, or are recovering from a back injury, water aerobics is a great option. Water aerobics has been proven to provide a variety of benefits for back pain sufferers including a stronger core, reduced re-injury risk, improved cardiovascular function, and pain relief.


Walking is simple activity that can do wonders for your back. Since walking increases endorphins, which are your body’s pain inhibiting hormones, it can help you stay functional and complete everyday activities with ease while reducing your lower back pain. It’s a good idea to schedule a daily walk with a friend or family member around your neighborhood or a nearby park.


As long as you don’t ride on an off-road trail, cycling will place less stress on your spine that other forms of aerobic exercise such as running or jogging. If you participate in cycling on a smooth, well-paved surface and keep your back straight while riding, you’ll improve the muscular strength of your lower body and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.  

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Prior to engaging in any summer activities, it’s wise to consult a spine specialist at Paris Orthopedics. We’ll evaluate your condition and make recommendations that are right for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.